About Tack Solutions

Tack Solutions is a store as well as passion project for our entire team, not only a job but a mission to help provide affordable and quality tack to our community.

We love tack, but we don’t love the prices!

The price of your tack can quickly add up to more than what you paid for your horse, and maybe even that month’s board too!

We love finding high quality tack from small businesses that have affordable pricing, helping make horses more affordable. 

Tack Solutions is a small, woman owned & woman led business that has been serving Phoenix & the surrounding areas since 1983.

We got our start as a consignment store, helping people from all over Arizona sell the tack that has just been taking up space in their tack room, garage, spare closets, or even guest room if you’re like us!

The owner 2016-2023, Lori Martinez, took over ownership of the store in 2016, soon to turn our consignment shop into THE tack destination.

Many of our consignors have tried to sell their items privately only to run into the countless hassles of advertising online in today’s digital world such as scammers, tire kickers, and people just scrolling past your listings.

Tack Solutions is the solution to your problems, from reselling your tack to looking for quality, affordable pieces whether they’re new or used. 

Hitting seven thousand consignors in April of 2020, Tack Solutions was growing exponentially as people were spending more time with their horses. When it was too hot to be out with the horses they were cleaning their garages and spare closets, bringing in their tack to consign with us. 

In October of 2020 we took a huge new step, moving the store into a larger location so we could continue to grow.

Lori, spent over a month in the new space before it opened in order to completely redesign our displays, build them from scratch with her husband, and repurpose different home decor pieces (such as shelves and tables) into displays for our store. 

In September of 2021 Lori led the expansion of our new location, adding almost two thousand square feet onto the already improved Tack Solutions location.

Now with almost six thousand square feet our mission is to continue to grow & change for the better. Continually bringing in new products, new brands, and keeping prices affordable for the quality tack we all love.

The store recently sold to Sheila Curley who will be working on expanding the store inventory even more!

Come on down to see our art gallery, vintage section, and collection of tack from all disciplines. Multiple couches and saddles tryout stands for the whole family! We never know what will walk through our doors!