Here at Tack Solutions we are passionate about the consignment business but have begun to supplement our inventory with new tack that does not come in on consignment often.


Colorado Leather Balm

Colorado Leather Balm is the only leather conditioner we will use at the store and on our personal tack. Once you see the effect on leather, you won’t want to use anything else!

Working at a tack store, we work with leather all day, and we’re cleaning it all day! We have leather conditioners on our hands all the time. Because of this, our owner, Lori, began to look into the ingredients of our common leather conditioners. 

Through this research she found that most leather conditioners have toxic warnings all over them & most don’t even have an ingredient list. They don’t want you to know what’s in it! “Do not use on skin. Keep away from children. Do not induce vomiting.” are common to find on warning labels of most leather conditioners on the shelves.

Then we found Colorado Leather Balm! This conditioner is all natural & only has four ingredients-- that’s including the scent! It is good for leather and it is good for you. If you think about it, leather is just skin, so whatever will condition your skin best will condition your leather best! You will notice your hands becoming softer after using this balm.

Since one of the ingredients is beef tallow, this balm has natural waterproofing properties. 



DAC, or Direct Action Company, founded in 1983, is primarily a supplement and grooming brand that has a variety of products without fillers at affordable prices.

DAC is one of the few supplements on the market that is audited for quality & ingredient control. This means that what they say is in their supplements is actually in them! 


Many supplement companies are not audited & have few regulations, meaning oftentimes they can say whatever they want is in their supplements or feeds.


NASC is the National Animal Supplement Council, you’ll find their seal on all of DAC’s products! DAC was actually one of the first companies to earn the NASC Quality Seal. 




Dotibel was created to ensure you enjoy every moment in the saddle, whether that be on the trail or in the arena. With a wide variety of colors & patterns as well as dressage & all purpose cuts, Dotibel aims to have a saddle pad to fit everyone’s taste. 


We were attracted to Dotibel due to the beautiful & creative patterns of their pads, something we had not seen before them. The cut of their pad makes them secure under the saddle, not moving even through complex dressage maneuvers or jump courses.

High quality material makes these pads a favorite at any barn, the first to be grabbed! They are easy to clean, personally we have power-hosed or thrown them in the washing machine to have them come out looking brand new. 


Make sure to check out their new NOVA line with new designs & patterns!




MountEase is a new and improved spin on the classic mounting block!


The MountEase has an open, round base as well as three steps at different heights, so you can mount your horse from any step. The open base means the block can find stability even on uneven ground.

The circular design allows you to circle your horse around the block & yourself if your horse does not stand well for mounting.


This block is extremely lightweight, being hollow in the middle & weighing in at 14lbs. Some of our clients store them in the trailer on their side or upside down & put things inside for added storage.


The material is a lightweight UV stabilized linear low density polyethylene, great in extreme temperatures!


A 28” base, 22” maximum height, and a weight capacity of 330lbs really helps you mount with ease!




Troxel helmets are an amazing, affordable helmet option. We love the amount of styles, colors, and shapes that Troxel carries. Many of their helmets feature a dial at the back, ensuring a perfect fit for the growing rider. 


Troxel helmets are ASTM/SEI certified, meaning they pass horseback riding protective headwear safety standards. Oftentimes these are the same standards that helmets 100x price boast, as all equestrian protective headwear must pass in order to be marketed as for equestrians. 


We have many sizes and colors available to fit any riders needs, from the classic black for shows or pink/purple for a younger girl looking to start her riding career. There are also options with longer visors for those who go on trail rides or just need more sun protection.

  • Antares Sellier
  • Buffalo Leather
  • Kunkle Gloves
  • Waldhausen
  • Dale Chavez
  • Circle Y
  • Reinsman
  • Tucker
  • Dancing Equestrian
  • Shires Equestrian
  • BlanketSafe
  • Royal Highness
  • SSG
  • Heritage Gloves
  • MountEase
  • Belle & Bow
  • Moretta Footwear
  • Aubrion
  • Ellany Belts
  • Infused Equestrian 


And way more!