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Contract Overview:

Our contracts are active for six month periods and must be renewed every six months in order to keep your account in good standing.


With every contract we allow a thirty day grace period, meaning Tack Solutions will give you an extra thirty days after your expiration date to renew your contract. If we do not hear from you by the end of those thirty days, such as wanting to renew your contract, then the items will become property of Tack Solutions.

With over seven thousand consignors Tack Solutions does not have the manpower to remind you to renew your contract, we encourage you to set a reminder.

Percentage Taken on Items:

All items except for saddles will be subject to a fifty-fifty split.

Saddles priced over a thousand dollars will be subject to a 75/25 split, 75% to the consignor.

Saddles priced under a thousand dollars will be subject to a 70/30 split, 70% to the consignor.

Saddles priced under two hundred dollars will be subject to a fifty-fifty split.

Checks / Payment

Checks are cut and sent out every quarter, in March, June, September, and December. With over seven thousand consignors it is impossible for us to cut checks as each item sells, therefore checks are cut in a group & sent once every quarter. Consignors are welcome to use their balance as store credit at any time to receive an extra 10% off their purchase.

Checks under $25 will not be sent but will remain on the consignor’s account until the balance accumulates to more than $25, to which the check will automatically be cut & mailed quarterly.

Accounts must be in good standing for a check to automatically be cut & mailed.

Annual Consignment + Item Fee

An annual consignment fee of $5 will be charged to the consignor’s account when the first item is consigned and every January thereafter.

A buyer’s fee of $1.00, which is not split with the consignor, may be added to the price tag of each item. This fee is passed on to the buyer and will not be reflected on your inventory list.

Cleaning Fee

Items brought in dirty may be subject to a cleaning fee. If an item is clean it will sell faster and for a higher price, we believe that putting items looking their best on the floor is the best way to get them sold! 


Removal Fee

 Once an item's price is set and the inventory list is sent, the consignor is given twenty-four hours to respond to this list if they do not agree with the pricing. If we do not hear back from you within twenty-four hours we will assume the prices are okay and the items will go out onto the floor as marked.

If you would like to pick an item up after this period but before your contract expires there will be a 50% removal fee per item.

We put a lot of time and effort into processing your items, such as cleaning them, taking pictures, researching them online, and uploading each individual item into the system, so we appreciate your consideration before removing your items.