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Consignor Frequently Asked Questions + Answers

This is where you'll find the most common questions our customers have and our answers to them. If you can't get your question answered here, feel free to contact us directly.

We take great care in processing our consignments and because of this it may take up to two weeks to receive an inventory list with your items. Please know we are working as fast as possible to get your items out on the floor.

Sometimes we process consignments in pieces, especially when running the store. It may be possible for you to receive an inventory list with only some of your items as we are helping customers then coming back to continue to process your consignment.

In accordance with point number eight of our consignor contract, checks are paid out every quarter. March, June, September, and December are the months in which we cut and send checks.

Therefore checks are not written when your item sells, but on a designated day. With over seven thousand consignors and items selling everyday it is not possible to cut checks every time a consignor’s item sells.

You are welcome to renew your contract in person or online!

In person, you can come into the store and sign our copy of your consignor contract.

If it is not possible for you to make it into the store you can renew your contract online. You can use the copy of your consignor contract we gave you when you initially consigned with us or you can download a copy of our consignor contract from

All we need is an updated signature & date at the bottom of the last page on the blank signature lines. You may sign it digitally and send it in to us. If you do not have the means for a digital signature you may print out a copy of the contract, sign at the bottom of the last page, and take a picture to email in to us at or

With any form of contract renewal you will receive a reply within 2-5 business days confirming we received it as well as your new renewal date.

You are always welcome to renew early if you will be out of town or unable to renew at a certain time or date.

We give our consignors an extra thirty days to renew their contract after its expiration date.

As an example, if your contract expires January 9th, we will give you until February 9th to renew your contract.

If you do not contact us by the end of day February 9th the items on your inventory list will become property of Tack Solutions.

We do not want this to happen so we encourage you to set a reminder in your phone or do something to help remind yourself.

Tack Solutions currently has over seven thousand two hundred and fifty consignors as of March 2021 along with two employees.

Unfortunately we simply do not have the manpower to remind you to renew your contract. We highly encourage you to set a reminder in your phone, email yourself, or keep the copy of the consignor contract we give you to help yourself remember.

You are always welcome to renew early if you will be out of town or unable to renew at a certain time or date.

You should be able to check on the status of your account such as if items have sold or not via our consignor login,

Our consignor login is powered by our software host, so when encountering issues with logging in we encourage you to reset your password.

Your username should be the email in which you use for your consignor account.

Of course! We are always looking for new items to put out on the floor!

All we ask is that they be clean and in good, working condition.

You never need an appointment, come in anytime during business hours!

As of February 2022 we are not accepting:

Tall boots without zippers

English saddles without knee rolls (unless they are donated to the store)


Wool hunt coats

Trophy/square coolers

Soaking boots (like Davis)

Cowboy hats without hat bands

Saddleseat suits and/or clothing

Seat savers/covers Weymouth bits

Hunt shirts w/ separate collars (ratcatchers)

Garment bags

Shipping boots

Anything that is monogrammed (or it will be assumed to be a $5 item)

Anything that is missing pieces (if it is not ready to ride, we generally do not accept it)