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As of July 2022 we are not accepting:

  • Tall boots without zippers

  • English saddles without knee rolls (unless they are donated to the store)

  • Jeans

  • Wool hunt coats

  • Trophy/square coolers

  • Soaking boots (like Davis brand)

  • Cowboy hats without hat bands

  • Saddleseat suits and/or clothing

  • Seat savers/covers

  • Weymouth bits

  • Hunt shirts w/ separate collars (ratcatchers)

  • Garment bags

  • Shipping boots

  • Men’s western shirts

  • Leather lead lines/ropes

  • Winter blankets (We will begin accepting blankets again in September)

  • Anything that is monogrammed (will be assumed to be a $5 item)

  • Anything that is missing pieces (if it is not ready to ride, we generally do not accept it)