At Tack Solutions, we understand you have many options when it comes to what to do with your used and unneeded items, which is why we always appreciate our consignors. We hope to 


Perks of Consigning with Tack Solutions:


Ease of Consignment

To consign, once you have your consignor contract filled out, all you need to do is drop off your items! We ask that they be clean & in working condition, something you would feel comfortable putting on your own horse or body.

We do a lot of research to see what your items may be selling for new & used online before deciding on a competitive price. You will receive an email with an itemized list of everything you brought in as well as our recommended pricing. Of course, if you do not agree with the pricing, you are welcome to reach out so we can try to come to an agreement or you can pick up your item.

Air Conditioned ShowRoom

In Arizona it’s always hot! That’s why our showroom is always cool! Come on in to cool down a bit as you shop. Get to feel and look at the items before you buy them instead of relying on a picture! We offer a public restroom, refrigerated water bottles, and what we lovingly call our “husband couches” for the non-horsey friends!

Knowledgeable & Helpful Staff

Our staff at Tack Solutions is passionate about tack, just like you are. We pride ourselves in always learning new things, sharing our knowledge, and consistently growing together as a store to further help our community. 

International Website Exposure

All saddles placed on consignment will go on to our website that has international exposure. Multiple pictures from different angles, measurements, etc, will all be available on the listing for anyone to see. 

If a buyer is interested they can purchase the saddle via our website and Tack Solutions will handle all the packing and shipping of the saddle. The buyer will cover shipping as well as insurance on the saddle so there is nothing extra to be done on the consignor’s end-- all you have to do is drop it off!

Saddle Try-Out Period

Any saddle purchased at Tack Solutions comes with a forty-eight hour trial period. The buyer would purchase the saddle in full, take it home, try it on their horse, and if it did not work out they would have the option of bringing it back.

As the consignor you are protected as we reserve the right to refuse refunds for any reason, such as the saddle coming back damaged. Since we take full payment up front there is no risk to you, as a seller.